Valentin Diaz – Author, Actor, Singer/Songwriter, Speaker

But who is he really

He has modeled in one fashion show and has recorded music at the same studio in San Diego where Queen Latifa and boys2Men have either recorded music or have had their material sent to be mixed. His musical inspiration for wanting to sing is Ricky Martin. Valentin says “I prefer to sing in Spanish because I think it sounds better.” If Valentin had the opportunity to work with a music producer it would be David Foster. He has appeared in one short film and has auditioned for David E. Talbert who is writer, director and producer of the film ‘Baggage Claim’. His favorite actor of all time is Denzel Washington.

More About Valetin

San DIEGO based actor

During his free time, Valentin likes to play European football, tennis and golf. His favorite Mexican football team is the Chivas (goats) from Guadalajara, Mexico. He started playing tennis because of Ana Kournikova. It wasn’t until one of his co-workers invited him to play golf that he discovered he enjoys the game.

One funny thing about Valentin is, he will write all day but, he doesn’t like to read.

Always Gives 100%

My Expertise

  • AUTHOR 80% 80%
  • ACTING 75% 75%
  • SPEAKER 70% 70%
  • Singer/songwriter 30% 30%

The Book

My Story

My name is Valentin and my story takes you through a five year journey. Once upon a time I met a women and I ended up waiting for that woman for a total of five years, but within those five years a lot of drama unfolds. At times you’re going to feel sad, happy and even angry. You’re going to like what you hear, I can almost be sure of it.

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